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From Germany to Persia

Do not miss out on the direct flight connecting the rich classical music of the Europe to the rich historical land of Asia.Rekindle in the monarchy era of ancient Iran in dreamlike palaces in Tehran. Soak up royal and Islamic architecture in a blink in a single square in Esfahan. Taste the most exotic cuisine and touch the most welcoming hearts in Iran

Category: Cultural Tours

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Iran Budget Tour

This tour is devised for those travelers who are willing to explore a different land with a surprisingly low budget. This trip with very tight budget is a 10-day tour to Tehran, Shiraz, Yazd, Taft, Varzaneh, Esfahan, Kashan. It is a cultural, historical, and natural tour around Iran. You get the opportunity to visit top UNESCO sites and the central and the most accessible desert of Iran. Mark hospitality and ancient culture. With this tour not only you visit the most remarkable landmarks of Iran, but also cut down on your budget

Category:Budget tours

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Iran nomads tours

Immerse into Iranian nomads life by spending few days with them. Experience their lifestyle and join them to make bread, weave Persian carpets, take the goats and sheep out and to come together with other families and have fun. Sip tea with Qashqai, Bakhtiari and Shahsevan nomads

Category:Special Tours

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